Who Are #MyBroadbandVReality?

Noely Neate, Paul Davis and Pascal Grosvenor are the three people putting this submission together, although it is in reality on behalf of the over 800 interested people on social media, predominantly Twitter, who replied to the survey. Many interest groups, industry stakeholders and lobby groups have a say in these Senate Select Committees, while people, common average everyday people, who are using the Internet on a daily basis, seem to be left out of the discussion.

We would like to change that.We would like to give ‘average’ people, who will be the end user of what is implemented, an actual say in what they are receiving, what they need and the problems they are having in their own voices.

The below have physically put this together, though it is on behalf of 100’s of ordinary every day people who want to have a say in Canberra.

Noely Neate

Small Business Owner, Community Co-ordinator of Regional portal, Amateur Blogger (partner and mother of young adult).

Paul Davis

A survivor of over 20 years in the ICT Industry who lost the technical knack years ago, a politically aware, amateur blogger, fascinated by the interconnected nature of things.

Pascal Grosvenor

Husband, Father of 2 young boys, Systems Administrator, IT geek and gamer, Music lover and Politics junkie.

Caitlin Mary Neate

Student (of life and more specifically IT), music lover, avid gamer, delver into languages and cultures and the dragonborn.

The Internet

Hundreds of everyday people supported this survey, gave feedback, disseminated it amongst their personal online communities, and of course the "quiet" experts who have freely given advice for this submission.

About #MyBroadbandvReality

The Minister’s announcement of the My Broadband site had many people visit to see what was on offer. We experienced a site which provides the same information we’ve been hearing for years from our Internet Service Providers (ISPs), which seemed to be (yet again) disconnected from our reality. We read the FAQ assumptions and saw statements like “possible speeds achievable over that infrastructure as the measure of quality”1 and thought - how can we have an evidence-based policy making decisions such as which areas to prioritise for high speed rollout if we rely on theories, not evidence? Important decisions will be made based on the information from the MyBroadband site. We wanted to inform the debate, to let the decision makers know what’s happening out there, in the real world, so #MyBroadbandvReality idea was born.
For starters, we found from our 800 recipients that the REALITY of what they were experiencing was not what the My Broadband site was telling them, even taking into account ISP and geographical intricacies. The #MyBroadbandvReality survey only asked people to compare the information they were getting on the My Broadband site with what they were actually getting in reality (using publicly available tools, intentionally avoiding asking people to find out the speed reported by their modem) with a comment area for issues. This ‘comments’ area was used extensively and analysis raised some concerns we would like to elaborate on... It's not that families don't care- it is that they don't understand and no-one is asking them.
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