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Australian Internet speeds improving at a snail's pace

Published : 6 December 2016 Comments :

republished from with @no_filter_Yamba 's persmission   My Broadband v Reality has been running a State of the Internet online survey accessible here. On 24 November 2016 the orga [...]

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State of the Internet Australia survey

Published : 30 October 2016

We need you! WHY SHOULD I DO THIS SURVEY ? Help us figure out the State of the Internet in Australia, ie. gather useful information about Internet speeds, usage patterns, quality, and reliability. Plus it should only take 5-10 minutes to complete WHO SHOULD DO THIS SURVEY: People living [...]

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Internet Australia Backs FttP deployment & endorses MyBroadbandvReality's recommendations

Published : 8 March 2016 Author : Pascal Grosvenor Comments :

Tags : NBN Internet Senate MyBroadbandvReality Survey

  Last Friday, Internet Australia ( appeared at the NBN Senate Committee.  In the past Internet Australia has called for fast, ubiquitous broadband without publicly favouring a technological solution. Based on new fibre costings and backed by a survey of its [...]

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NBN Co and the War on Information - Part 1

Published : 15 February 2016 Author : Steven Barker Comments :

On the 23rd of September 2013, Malcolm Turnbull in a doorstop interview about the interim NBN Co statement of expectations, stated that “our commitment is, our focus is, to have a much greater level of transparency and openness” [1]. What has unfolded since he appointed the new board [...]

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Collection of links about the NBN and the LNP alternative

Published : 20 January 2016 Author : Pascal Grosvenor Comments :

Originally published April 11, 2013 over at   With all the claims and counter claims going back and forth via Twitter or Facebook, I've been getting frustrated.... There's [...]

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