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The State of the Internet - Australia, Jan 2016

The State of the Internet - Australia, Jan 2016

Published : 12 January 2016 Author : Pascal Grosvenor Comments :

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Breaking News : 14 Jan 2016

The Nick Ross - ABC story is running so fast I can't keep it updated on here.  Check out Nick's Ask Me Anything on Reddit from Friday 15/1/16 : https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/410n4q/i_am_outgoing_abc_technology_editor_nick_ross_ama/


Excellent infographic and collection of recent news about the NBN

This infographic  is well worth taking a few minutes to read and understand. It got me thinking about the woeful state of the Internet in Australia - compared to other developed, high-tech, or wealthy countries we are lagging far  behind.  At first I was just going to post the infographic but it prompted me to write a bit more on what's happening with the NBN.  It's gotten a lot of coverage on twitter, blog posts, and even some mainstream media in the past week. 

Read as much or as little as you like - topics I touch on include NBN costs and rollout time, politics surrounding the NBN, mainstream media coverage, and more.

What is the state of the Internet like for you ?  Our team at MyBroadbandvReality would love to hear from you, please post a comment at the bottom.

Thanks to Ben Adamson who created the infographic :  https://twitter.com/BWAdamson


How important is the NBN ???


Tony Windsor, Former Independent MP for New England, summed it up very well in 1 tweet !

It's not just people in regional or remote areas who stand to benefit from fast, reliable, fibre optic broadband. See some following examples :

Late last year I ran a short twitter poll - asking the question how important is the NBN as a federal election issue.  130 people voted and the results were very clear, 42% said it was a critical issue, 45% said it was a major issue.
(ps. this was a twitter poll not a scientific, properly conducted, survey)

How much is the LNP plan going to cost, and how long will it take ?

The financial cost and rollout timeframe for Turnbull's MTM is coming under increasing scrutiny. As highlighted in this article which shows the ALP's analysis of the MTM :

Richard Ferrers, a researcher at Monash Uni (with a PhD in Technology Innovation Management), has published a detailed analysis of the NBN company’s costs. 

His analysis shows that Labor’s technically superior Fibre to the Premises (FttP) model represents better financial value than the Coalition’s preferred Fibre to the Node (FttN) - MultiTechnologyMix (MTM) only a scant few years after FTTP was deployed :



NBN Co's very political response


Not surprisingly, NBN Co has rejected the analysis by Richard Ferrers :

FTTP rollout to take “significantly longer”



Then i noticed this tweet from a senior NBNCo PR employee :

Mainstream media coverage of NBN

Breaking News : 14 Jan 2016

Even the Australian newspaper is having a go at the problems. This surprised me given how firmly they are anti ALP :



A bit later I noticed a rather surprising tweet from Mr Insiders, Barrie Cassidy :

Has Barrie Cassidy only just realised Internet speeds in Australia are very bad ?  

Ben Eltham is spot on when he says the mainstream media coverage has been terrible.  Many NBN supporters on Twitter have bee pointing this out for ages.  The mainstream media's coverage of the NBN has been sorely lacking.


We want our Internets !


I have noticed via twitter that those people fortunate enough (or just plain lucky) to get FttP installed are very happy with the NBN :



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