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Internet Australia Backs FttP deployment & endorses MyBroadbandvReality's recommendations

Published : 8 March 2016 Author : Pascal Grosvenor Comments :

Tags : NBN Internet Senate MyBroadbandvReality Survey

  Last Friday, Internet Australia (https://www.internet.org.au/about) appeared at the NBN Senate Committee.  In the past Internet Australia has called for fast, ubiquitous broadband without publicly favouring a technological solution. Based on new fibre costings and backed by a survey of its [...]

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The State of the Internet - Australia, Jan 2016

Published : 12 January 2016 Author : Pascal Grosvenor Comments :

Tags : Internet MyBroadbandvReality NBN fraudband MSM

Breaking News : 14 Jan 2016 Nick Ross (former Tech editor at ABC) confirms he was stopped from writing about #NBN. This is serious stuff #auspol https://t.co/z2N9Jp8L4S — Pascal Grosvenor (@pascalg15) January 14, 2016 The Nick Ross - ABC story is running so fast I can't keep it [...]

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